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10 Features of a Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen Did you know your skin is more likely to sunburn and wrinkle when you're pregnant? Plus and many big-brand sunscreens contain additive ingredients and chemicals that can en...
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Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen reef safe?

Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen reef safe? Customers call us to ask questions about our products as well as other sunscreens. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of any skincare product. The first th...
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What is reef safe sunscreen?

What is reef safe sunscreen? The term "reef safe" has become more prevalent on sunscreen labels, mainly because sunscreen companies want to attract eco-conscience consumers. However, the term is un...
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How much Zinc Oxide Should a Sunscreen Have?

How much Zinc Oxide Should a Sunscreen Have? Our customers often ask us how much zinc oxide should a sunscreen have? The answer is fairly complex, but it breaks down into 4 basic parts: Why use zi...
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Benzene Exposure in Sunscreen

Benzene Free Sunscreen You may have seen the recent news about benzene being found in a long list of sunscreens. The independent testing organization Valisure tested hundreds of sunscreen and after...
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What is PA rating for sunscreen?

What is PA rating for sunscreen? As if sunscreen labels weren’t confusing enough, with SPF numbers, broad-spectrum labels and water-resistance minutes. PA++++ is a new rating showing up on sunscree...
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Is zinc oxide sunscreen safe?

Is zinc oxide sunscreen safe? Non-irritating and easy on sensitive skin, zinc oxide has been used in skincare for 1000s of years. A skin protectant widely used in treating various forms of skin irr...
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Outdoor Adventure Apps

Outdoor Adventure Apps While Waxhead sunscreens can help you thrive in the sun without worrying about sunburn and toxic chemicals, helpful outdoor adventure apps can help your family focus on mak...
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California State Parks

California State Parks California State Parks offer abundant opportunities for families to disconnect from technology and adventure outside, recharging their own batteries as they connect to a worl...
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Our Eco-friendly Sun Apparel Journey

Eco-friendly Sun Apparel In 2010, years before starting Waxhead, we wished we had long sleeve sun shirts for our boys. Such shirts were hard to find, and we kicked around the idea of starting Grass...
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What helps sunburn?

What helps sunburn? Hydration Anti-inflammatory Drugs Cold Compress Chilled Cucumbers Vitamin E Night Repair Serum   Ok, so you didn’t use Waxhead Sunscreen, you stayed out way too long, or you f...
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What SPF do I need?

We recommend a sunscreen with a SPF rating of 30-50.
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