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Natural Sunscreen Stick

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  • 3.7oz Pushup Stick
  • 4 Total Ingredients
  • Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB Protection
  • Exceptionally Water Resistant
  • Petrochemical + Toxin Free
  • Safe for all Humans + Marine Life


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Natural Sunscreen Stick

The Thickest and Toughest Sunscreen for all Outdoor Activities

The Waxhead Zinc Stick Sunscreen safeguards your skin while you conquer the great outdoors. With its unbeatable strength and superior formula, this sunscreen stick will become your trusted companion on every expedition.

Unparalleled Protection for Endless Activities

Imagine sunscreen staying on through saltwater, sweat, and surf. Zinc Sunscreen Stick is the answer. Pat, dot, smear, or rub this ultra-thick shield onto your skin, and you're set for hours. No need to worry about it running into your eyes or being washed away—it's designed to withstand even the most intense physical, sweaty activities.


Hypoallergenic and Biodegradable: A Health-Conscious Choice

Concerned about sensitive skin? We've got you covered. This sunscreen stick boasts a hypoallergenic and biodegradable formula that nurtures your skin while offering unparalleled protection. Its gentle touch is perfect for even the most delicate skin types. Plus, the recyclable tube ensures you're making an eco-friendly choice, reducing waste and supporting sustainability.

Protect What Matters: People and the Planet

Not all sunscreens are created equal, and we're here to highlight the importance of choosing the right one. This Sunscreen Stick is proudly free from oxybenzone, octinoxate, and benzene, which can harm your gear and marine life. By opting for Waxhead, you're prioritizing your well-being and doing your part to protect the fragile coral reefs. It's a win-win situation for you and the environment.

Premium Defense for Your Skin

This Zinc Stick Sunscreen may come at a slightly higher price than common junk sunscreens, but it's worth every penny. Our commitment to sourcing top-grade ingredients only from reputable, fair-trade, cruelty-free companies ensures you receive the finest product. Your skin will thank you as you enjoy the ultimate protection and nourishment all season.

4 Certified Organic Ingredients

At Waxhead, we believe in the perfect blend of science and tradition. Our sunscreen combines the wisdom of ancient practices with modern holistic science. With just four certified organic ingredients, including non-nano, uncoated, French process Zinc Oxide, coconut oil, beeswax, and vanilla extract, our formula ensures optimal UVA/UVB protection.


Who Loves this Sunscreen Stick?

This Sport Sunscreen Stick is ideal for health-conscious outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize their well-being and the environment. This product is specifically designed for individuals who engage in active outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, swimming, running, or any other adventure that exposes them to the sun's harmful rays.

This Sunblock Stick is your perfect companion if you enjoy exploring nature, challenging yourself physically, and immersing yourself in outdoor adventures. It caters to individuals who seek sunscreen that can withstand the rigors of their active lifestyles while providing superior protection. Moreover, Sport Sunscreen Stick is a fantastic option if you have sensitive skin and are searching for a sunscreen that won't cause irritation or allergic reactions. Its hypoallergenic formula ensures a gentle touch, making it suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate.

This sunscreen stick aligns with your values if you're passionate about preserving the environment and coral reefs. By choosing a biodegradable and coral reef-safe sunscreen, you contribute to preserving marine life and ecosystems. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, an outdoor enthusiast, or love spending time in nature, Waxhead’s Sunscreen Stick is the ultimate sun protection solution. Prioritizing your health, the planet, and performance, this sunscreen will become an essential part of your outdoor gear, allowing you to enjoy your adventures with peace of mind.

Great for Outdoor Athletes

This is the go-to choice for outdoor athletes seeking reliable sun protection. Its exceptionally water-resistant formula ensures it stays put even during intense physical activities and exposure to sweat and saltwater. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, this sunscreen won't run into your eyes or compromise your performance.

Its hypoallergenic and gentle formula caters to athletes with sensitive skin, providing optimal protection without causing irritation. Plus, being free from harmful chemicals and reef-safe allows athletes to pursue their passions while actively supporting the well-being of both themselves and the environment. Whether you're hitting the trails, riding the waves, or conquering new heights, this physical SPF sunscreen has covered you, empowering you to excel in your athletic endeavors with confidence and peace of mind.


Perfect for Surfers and Swimmers

Surfers and swimmers rejoice—Natural Sunscreen Stick is your ultimate companion for conquering the waves. Its unbeatable water resistance ensures it stays on through every splash and dunk, providing sun protection. With its thick and tough formulation, this sunscreen won't wash away, leaving you confident in your skin's defense against harmful UV rays.

Its hypoallergenic properties make it perfect for those with sensitive skin, preventing irritation from prolonged exposure to water. Moreover, Waxhead’s Sunscreen Stick is coral reef-safe so you can ride the waves guilt-free, knowing you're not harming the delicate marine ecosystems. Whether catching the perfect wave or diving beneath the surface, this sunscreen stick keeps you protected and allows you to embrace the water confidently.

The Sunscreen Choice for Anglers

Fishermen, this Zinc Sunscreen Stick is your perfect companion for long days out on the water. Its unbeatable water resistance ensures it stays on through sweat, saltwater, and the excitement of reeling in the big catch. You can cast your worries aside, knowing this sunscreen won't run into your eyes, allowing you to stay focused on your fishing game. Designed with a gentle and hypoallergenic formula, it's ideal for anglers with sensitive skin, providing reliable protection without irritating.

Moreover, it is free from harmful chemicals that repel fish or damage your gear, ensuring a seamless fishing experience. As an angler who values both their own well-being and the health of aquatic environments, you'll appreciate this sunscreen is coral reef-safe and biodegradable. With this Natural Sunscreen Stick, you know your skin is protected and you're doing your part to preserve the beauty of the waters you love to fish in.

Gardners Love this Sunscreen Stick

This Natural Sunscreen Stick is your ultimate companion for sunny days spent tending to your plants. Its broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays while you nurture your garden. With its thick and tough formula, it withstands sweat, allowing you to work tirelessly under the sun without worrying about sunscreen running into your eyes.

The hypoallergenic and gentle formula is perfect for gardeners with sensitive skin, providing the necessary protection without irritating. Plus, this Zinc Sunscreen Stick is biodegradable and free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that it safeguards your skin and respects the environment you cultivate.

Embrace the Ultimate Protection—Choose this Natural Sunscreen Stick Today!

Don't settle for mediocre sunscreens that fail to meet your outdoor needs. Experience the difference with Waxhead Sunscreen Stick—a natural, coral reef-safe, and mineral-based solution that takes sun protection to the next level.

"Waxhead is one of the best sunscreens for kids."

Surfer Sunscreen Biodegradable Sunscreen Zinc Oxide Stick

"Waxhead is one of the best Beach & Sport, Kid-Friendly sunscreens.”

Surfer Sunscreen Biodegradable Sunscreen Zinc Oxide Stick

"Waxhead provides full protection and you won’t damage the oceans."

Surfer Sunscreen Biodegradable Sunscreen Zinc Oxide Stick

Ingredients used effectively for thousands of years

Waxhead uses modern holistic science and traditional ingredients to restore human’s healthy relationship with the sun. We use only superior quality, minimally processed ingredients. Our sunscreens contain only non-nano, uncoated, French process Zinc Oxide, 100% certified organic edible-grade inactive ingredients, and absolutely NO petrochemicals. Our zinc oxide formulas deliver the most effective protection across the entire UVA/UVB spectrum.

4 Total Ingredients

1. 25% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide
2. Organic Coconut Oil
3. Organic Beeswax
4. Organic Vanilla Extract


Zinc oxide absorbs UV energy via bandgap absorption and reflects and scatters in the visible spectrum, preventing skin penetration and cell damage. The broadest spectrum UVA/UVB reflector that’s FDA-approved for sunscreen use, zinc oxide is also the only FDA-approved active ingredient for use on children under 6 months of age. Zinc oxide holds tight to its electrons when it absorbs UV energy, limiting the creation of free radicals that cause oxidative damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. We use non-nano, uncoated, French process Zinc Oxide as our sole active sunscreen ingredient, and all our sunscreens contain 25% - the most of any brand.


Coconut oil has been a skin softener for 1000s of years. Our certified organic extra virgin coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut and is fairly traded and less processed than refined coconut oil. Due to its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer, providing the necessary hydration to keep skin nourished and help repair damaged skin cells.


Beeswax is a top moisturizer that protects and repairs rough, dry, or chapped skin by locking in moisture. Beeswax has emollient properties, softening and rehydrating skin while aiding cellular reconstruction. It is also non-comedogenic: it won’t clog pores. Plus, it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, effectively treating acne. We use only non-GMO, certified organic beeswax in our skincare products.


Vanilla beans are picked when their green tips turn yellow, then cured to produce their characteristic rich color, flavor, and aroma. Our certified organic vanilla extract is a good source of B vitamins and rich in antioxidants, and its antibacterial properties make it beneficial for treating acne. The smell of vanilla enhances brain activity and induces calmness directly.

Sunscreen Stick FAQs

Will this sunscreen make my skin white?

Yes, some. When used properly, zinc oxide gives skin a visible whitish hue. However, this visualizes where the sunscreen is applied, providing peace of mind that you're adequately protected. We offer tinted versions to provide a more skin-colored hue.

Is this Sunscreen Stick only for athletes, or can anyone use it?

This sunscreen is perfect for athletes and anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Whether engaging in sports, gardening, fishing, or simply enjoying nature, Sport Sunscreen Stick offers exceptional protection for everyone.

When will this sunscreen expire?

Technically 3 years from purchase, but the useful life of our sunscreens has no practical limit since our active ingredient, zinc oxide, is a mineral and does not lose its sunscreen capabilities over time, EVER. However, the FDA requires all sunscreen products to list a 3-year shelf life (mainly because petrochemical active ingredients in common sunscreens degrade quickly, even on the shelf). Regardless, if you ever feel a Waxhead product has spoiled, just let us know, and we'll send you a free replacement.

How many applications does this product contain?

The answer depends on what areas you're covering. If face only, our sunscreen stick will deliver roughly 75-100 applications. If the entire body, about 20-30 applications.

Is this sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely! The Sport Sunscreen Stick is exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin. Its hypoallergenic formula minimizes the risk of irritation, making it an ideal choice for individuals with delicate skin.

Can I use this Zinc Sunscreen Stick if I have oily skin?

Yes, you can! This sunscreen is formulated to work effectively on all skin types, including oily skin. Its non-greasy texture won't leave your skin feeling heavy or clogged, allowing for a comfortable and breathable experience.

Is this sunscreen safe for the environment?

Yes! This Sport Sunscreen Stick is coral reef-safe and biodegradable. By choosing our sunscreen, you're making an eco-friendly choice that helps protect marine life and ecosystems.

Will this Natural Sunscreen Stick run into my eyes when I sweat?

No worries! This sunscreen is designed to stay put, even during intense physical activities and heavy sweating. Its water-resistant formula ensures it won't run into your eyes, allowing you to focus on your performance.

Can I use this Sunscreen Stick on my kids?

Absolutely! This Kids Sunscreen Stick is safe for use on children. Its gentle and hypoallergenic formula suits their delicate skin, providing effective sun protection while they enjoy outdoor activities.

Does this sunscreen have a strong scent?

No, this Sunscreen Stick has a pleasant and subtle vanilla fragrance. We prioritize providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience without overwhelming scents.

Why does Waxhead cost more than other sunscreens?

Our prices represent a true cost to the world. We source our top-grade ingredients only from reputable, fair-trade, cruelty-free, almost entirely US-based companies. We don’t purchase ingredients from countries with questionable labor or production practices. We prioritize ethical labor and production practices, ensuring you receive the highest quality product while supporting sustainability and responsible sourcing. Learn more.

Choose the Waxhead Natural Sunscreen Stick today and experience the ultimate sun protection for your active and adventurous lifestyle!

How to apply Waxhead Natural Sunscreen Stick

Thick and tough, our sunscreen takes some effort to apply, but a little goes a long way. You can see exactly where you’re applying it, and once on, it delivers the safest, most effective, most eco-friendly sun defense available anywhere.

Push it slowly up from the bottom. If you push the stick too far out, tap the container bottom firmly against a hard surface. Sunscreen will slide down back into the tub. Use the stick to directly dot sunscreen onto the skin (this will help warm up sunscreen, too), then spread and rub into the skin.

Step 1: Press and dot sunscreen onto the skin in sections

Slowly push up the product from the bottom of the tube, then press sunscreen in small dots and stripes onto sections of the face and body. (Return the product to the stick container by smacking the bottom against a hard surface.)

Step 2: Spread out over one area at a time

Once applied, spread into an even layer across your skin.

Step 3: Rub in to reduce whiteness

Further rub into a thinner coverage, leaving a slight whitish hue that will deliver complete coverage. Our sunscreens will not fully absorb into the skin like petrochemical sunscreens.


Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Good for what it is

I like this sunscreen because of how safe and simple it is. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and am prone to eczema if I use anything at all weird. This sunscreen doesn't upset my skin, so that's a big plus. However I'm a little disappointed in the functionality/ease of use for this sunscreen stick. It comes of the stick kind of clumpy and thick so you have to spread it a little bit by hand and if you rub it in too much, it doesn't work very well. I learned that the hard way and got a little burnt through the sunscreen the first two times I used it. Even though I re-applied as directed. Also that being said, in order to apply a thick enough layer you have to use a lot, making me think this stick won't last me the whole summer, and with how much it costs that's kind of a bummer. It's also very hard to completely wash off at the end of the day. Especially washing it off your hands after applying. But I find that to be a very minor bother because it's not gross and sticky like some other sunscreens. So I'll continue to use this along with sun protective clothing as a back up because I really value how safe it is for my skin and the environment.

Allie Dixon
Great product

Provides great protection from the son.

Really works

Tried so many sunscreens for outdoors, and I just sweat them all off in minutes. Waxhead is the only one that can hold up under hot and humid conditions when I'm riding my horse , yard work, or other activities outside. At this point, I have embraced the minimal white cast it leaves on my skin and wear it proudly! Of course, it's a little heavy duty, so I don't use it for everyday, like going to the office ,shopping etc. Bonus, it does keep my skin very smooth and hydrated all day, even after i shower it off. Also like that it's eco friendly , mineral non nano.

Cheryl Guliner
Waxhead Sport Sunscreen Stick 5 PLUS STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We LOVE the SPORT SUNSCREEN STICK! This is my third summer using it. My whole family uses it. Is it thick? Yes, but if it’s not thick than I’m not interested. Does it stay on? Yes, but if I’m not using a makeup pad remover to take my sunscreen off at the end of the day than I’m not interested in the product. Does it smell good? Yes- it’s a very subtle vanilla/coconut to give you a hint of summer. Does it sting if you get it in your eyes? No- The product does not bleed and stays put so it does not get into your eyes. I recently read an article that WAX HEAD STICK is on the “approved list” due to its ingredients. This made me even more happy. The stick resembles an ice cream pop and is easy to use since the stick part is nice and wide. The stick is expensive but it lasts me all summer. If it gets dirty, than I just scoop the top off. I was really surprised when I called waxhead recently because I was interested in pursuing another waxhead product and their customer service department not only emailed me back immediately but also offered to talk to me on the phone. What a super cool company!

Matthew L.
Great product, great customer service

Just what I needed, smells great too.

Customer service, for a minor issue, was tremendous!

Great product, great company.

Why Choose Waxhead?

Because Biochemistry Matters

Waxhead products are designed using top-level biochemistry knowledge.

We use a complete holistic appreciation for how our formulations react with skin in the sun and how they affect our environment.


Because We Take Care of our Customers

We pretty much cherish our customers. When they have questions about skincare, we give our full unbiased info and opinions.

In the rare instances when they have problems, we do all we can to make them happy.