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Why do Waxhead Sunscreens cost more?

Some of our customers ask us “why do Waxhead sunscreens cost more than others?” Well, the answer revolves around ingredients and economics.

1. Ingredients

Our ingredients aren’t like those in typical sunscreens, which contain inexpensive, mass-produced chemicals derived from petroleum. The human body wasn’t made to interact with these man-made compounds, which do several really bad things to our bodies and don’t protect us nearly as well from sun damage. Their advantage is lower cost, which allows big brand sunscreens to sell for significantly less.

Our sunscreens contain only ultra-quality components, including active-ingredient non-nano zinc oxide, plus certified organic oils, natural extracts, beeswax, plant-based vitamins, and artesian spring water. Every one of these was chosen carefully through a holistic bio-chemistry development process, and every one of them is more expensive than their big brand, industrially-produced counterparts.

2. Economics

And while those big brand sunscreens are produced by massive companies who enjoy substantial cost advantages from economies-of-scale and big-org efficiencies, we are a small company that makes our products in small batches with= a crafted attitude. This approach, while significantly better for the end product and our end customers, costs more than those bigger methodologies. In the same way a prime, certified organic cut of Kobe beef costs more than a cheap, mass-produced steak, our Waxhead sunscreens cost more than most any other sunscreen. Worth it? Absolutely.