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Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been a skin softener for 1000s of years. It is made from the extracted meat of the seed from the coconut tree, cocos nucifera.
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Is zinc oxide sunscreen safe?

Non-irritating and easy on sensitive skin, zinc oxide has been safely used in skincare for 1000s of years.
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What is zinc oxide sunscreen?

Zinc oxide sunscreen is extremely good at protecting against both UVA and UVB rays and it's FDA approved for use on infants.
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Reef Safe Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid

The term "Reef Safe Sunscreen" is unregulated and often misleading. Any sunscreen containing any petrochemical is NOT reef safe and should be avoided.
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Does zinc oxide sunscreen expire?

Zinc oxide sunscreen does not expire, because it contains the mineral zinc oxide - a solid inorganic substance. It will always be effective against UV rays.
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Outdoor Adventure Apps

Outdoor Adventure Apps While Waxhead sunscreens can help you thrive in the sun without worrying about sunburn and toxic chemicals, helpful outdoor adventure apps can help your family focus on mak...
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California State Parks

California State Parks California State Parks offer abundant opportunities for families to disconnect from technology and adventure outside, recharging their own batteries as they connect to a worl...
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Our Eco-friendly Sun Apparel Journey

Eco-friendly Sun Apparel In 2010, years before starting Waxhead, we wished we had long sleeve sun shirts for our boys. Such shirts were hard to find, and we kicked around the idea of starting Grass...
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Shea Butter for Babies

Babies and newborns have very sensitive skin and yet often have dry or rough patches, and here are 6 ways shea butter can naturally protect sensitive skin.
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Thoughtfully Committed to Health + Environment

We are thoughtfully committed to health + environment. To minimize Waxhead’s carbon footprint, we strive to combine the best existing methods and the latest modern techniques. We evaluate and adjus...
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News: Waxhead Supports St. Johns Riverkeeper

St. Johns Riverkeeper In our continued effort to positively impact the planet as much as possible and to also leave it cleaner than we found it, Waxhead has entered a partnership with St. Johns Riv...
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20 Benefits of Vitamin C

Benefits of Vitamin C We started Waxhead to find a better way to protect the skin in the sun. In designing our Antioxidant Bites, Vitamin C quickly became a must-have ingredient, simply because of ...
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