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Thoughtfully Committed to Health + Environment

To minimize Waxhead’s carbon footprint, we strive to combine the best existing methods and the latest modern techniques. We evaluate and adjust our processes in choosing and sourcing ingredients, a...
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News: Waxhead Supports St. Johns Riverkeeper

In our continued effort to positively impact the planet as much as possible and to also leave it cleaner than we found it, Waxhead has entered a partnership with St. Johns Riverkeeper. They are a N...
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20 Benefits of Vitamin C

We started Waxhead to find a better way to protect the skin in the sun. In designing our Antioxidant Bites, Vitamin C quickly became a must-have ingredient, simply because of the amazing things it ...
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News: Waxhead is now Carbon Neutral

Trying to make a better and cleaner impact on our planet is baked into our DNA. We’ve always looked to reduce our company’s carbon footprint, and as a continuation of our commitment to sustainabili...
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Is Waxhead Sunscreen broad spectrum?

Yes, absolutely. And unlike many other brands, our products protect against both UVA and UVB rays equally well, because zinc oxide, our sole active ingredient, covers all parts of the UV spectrum e...
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What does “TRULY” Reef Safe mean?

The ugly truth is many products labeled “reef safe” are not reef safe at all. In contrast, a TRULY Reef Safe product:   1) uses ONLY mineral-based active ingredients, primarily zinc oxide or titani...
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Is avobenzone safe in sunscreens?

Avobenzone is not Safe for Humans In short, NO. Avobenzone isn't safe for humans, and it isn't reef safe. Currently one of the most popular active ingredients used in sunscreens, avobenzone was dev...
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Understanding Non Nano Zinc Oxide

What's the difference between non-nano zinc oxide and nano-sized zinc oxide in sunscreen? The answer can be complex.   Non-Nano Zinc Oxide (not small) Non-nano particles are much larger and more co...
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Is Non-nano Zinc Oxide Reef Safe?

Non-nano zinc oxide does not damage or adversely affect wildlife or water habitats or the animals that use them. It is marine and reef safe.   Zinc Oxide Non-irritating and easy on sensitive skin, ...
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What helps sunburn?

Ok, so you didn’t use Waxhead Sunscreen, you stayed out way too long, or you forgot to use sunscreen at all. You got red and now you’re wondering what helps sunburn? Skin cells exposed to UV light ...
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What are the banned FDA Sunscreen terms?

Several terms are still used to describe sunscreens that were outlawed by the FDA in 1999. These terms were banned because they provided consumers a false sense of security and wrongly explain what...
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Is Waxhead Sunscreen waterproof?

Some of our products are exceptionally water-resistant, and some are relatively less water resistant. Our sport stick and field tin formulations are rated via FDA protocols for up to 80 minutes, th...
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