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Is Waxhead sunscreen waterproof?

First, please note that NO sunscreen is 100% waterproof. NO sunscreen stays on perfectly in water over time, and so telling consumers it does is misleading. Our sunscreens have been tested, using a...
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What is the shelf life of Waxhead sunscreens?

Technically 2 years from purchase, but the useful life of our sunscreens has no practical limit, since our active ingredient zinc oxide is a mineral and does not lose its sunscreen capabilities ove...
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What SPF do I need?

Sun protection factor (SPF) is a rating system introduced in 1974 and measures how much UVB radiation is needed before a sunburn shows up on protected skin relative to the amount of UVB radiation r...
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Is sunscreen bad for you?

Like many things, some sunscreens are good for you and some sunscreens are bad good for you. As you’ve probably read or seen in the news, a few people say all sunscreens are good for you because th...
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EWG Rates Waxhead Sunscreens #1 in 2020

All Waxhead Sunscreens Rated #1 by EWG Sunscreen Guide PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAmelia Island, Florida – May 23, 2020   Waxhead Sun Defense, a leading organic and natural sun defense pr...
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Do I need a high SPF sunscreen?

Short answer - No. Products with SPF 50 and higher don't really protect the skin's surface much better than one with 30 SPF, and they create a false sense of security by masking damage that occurs ...
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Why do Waxhead Sunscreens cost more?

Some of our customers ask us “why do Waxhead sunscreens cost more than others?” Well, the answer revolves around ingredients and economics.   1. Ingredients Our ingredients aren’t like those in typ...
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Naturally Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Have you always loved the outdoors but didn’t always use sunscreen? Yeah, me too. We’ve all spent too much time at the pool or beach hoping to get a tan. We slathered 4 SPF sunscreen on (if we used...
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Zinc Oxide: UV Defense

Zinc oxide is simply THE best active sunscreen ingredient, and by a wide margin. Covering the entire UVA/UVB spectrum by itself, it has the most consistently effective absorption capabilities, whic...
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Waxhead Supports Sunscreen Bans in Key West, Hawaii, Bonaire, Palau and Aruba

We are excited to see Key West follow Hawaii’s lead to ban two chemicals found in common sunscreens, but it’s important to remember ALL petrochemicals are harmful to people and planet. Still, we’re...
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Safe Sunscreen Guide

Are you putting safe sunscreen on your skin? Sunscreen is supposed to protect us from the sun, but as more and more people use it, the incidence of skin cancer rises 4% every year. More sunscreen u...
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What are Free Radicals?

They’re atoms with unpaired (free) electrons. Produced by oxygen metabolizing in the body, they steal electrons from other atoms that make up cell membranes, cellular proteins, lipids and DNA. Eac...
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