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Is octisalate safe?

Is octisalate safe in sunscreens? It feels like there’s a new article about sunscreen every few weeks. If you’re like us and trying to cut down our exposure to toxic chemicals and on a journey to a...
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Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen reef safe?

Is Blue Lizard Sunscreen reef safe? Customers call us to ask questions about our products as well as other sunscreens. We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of any skincare product. The first th...
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What is reef safe sunscreen?

What is reef safe sunscreen? The term "reef safe" has become more prevalent on sunscreen labels, mainly because sunscreen companies want to attract eco-conscience consumers. However, the term is un...
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How much Zinc Oxide Should a Sunscreen Have?

How much Zinc Oxide Should a Sunscreen Have? Our customer often ask us how much zinc oxide should a sunscreen have? The answer is fairly complex, but it breaks down into 4 basic parts: Why use zin...
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The Raging Debate over Petrochemical Sunscreens

Over the last 40 years, sunscreens with seemingly ever-increasing UV filtering power have been developed for the US market. From tanning oils with no UV filters at all, to the higher SPF formulas o...
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Benzene Exposure in Sunscreen

Benzene Free Sunscreen You may have seen the recent news about benzene being found in a long list of sunscreens. The independent testing organization Valisure tested hundreds of sunscreen and after...
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Does Waxhead's zinc oxide contain nanoparticles?

Does Waxhead's zinc oxide contain nanoparticles? No, we do not use nanoparticles in our products. We only use non-nano zinc oxide. Please note an important difference between “micronized” and “micr...
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EWG Rates Waxhead Sunscreens #1 in 2021

All Waxhead Sunscreens Rated #1 by EWG Sunscreen Guide PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAmelia Island, Florida – May 6, 2021   Waxhead Sun Defense, a leading organic and natural sun defense pro...
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Mineral Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen People email us to ask all kinds of sunscreen questions, one of the most frequent one we hear is: what’s the difference between mineral sunscreen and chemica...
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Is Zinc Oxide Safe?

Is Zinc Oxide Safe? Zinc oxide has been used in skincare for 1000s of years to treat many forms of skin irritations as well as offers as a skin protection. It’s still used today in sunscreens, diap...
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Is Homosalate Safe?

Is Homosalate Safe? Physical sunscreens typically use 1 or sometimes 2 active ingredients. Chemical sunscreens need to use 3-4 or even more active chemical ingredients to either a) cover the entire...
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What is Broad Spectrum Sunscreen?

Let’s face it, many claims on sunscreen labels these days are confusing and potentially misleading. If you’ve seen "broad spectrum" on sunscreen labels, but wonder what it actually means, you’ve co...
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