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What's SPF ?

What's SPF? A customer recently asked us this question so we turned it into a blog post, in case someone else wonders: What's SPF? It is important to understand SPF relates ONLY to effects on UVB r...
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10 Features of a Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreen Did you know your skin is more likely to sunburn and wrinkle when you're pregnant? Plus and many big-brand sunscreens contain additive ingredients and chemicals that can en...
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How to take off Waxhead Sunscreen?

A customer recently asked us this question so we turned it into a blog post, in case someone else wonders: How to take off Waxhead Sunscreen at the end of the day? Well, it depends which sunscreen:...
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Oxybenzone vs Benzene

Oxybenzone vs Benzene Because the words are similar, you might be confused about the similarities and differences, and if you should be worried about them in your sunscreen. How do they differ? Sho...
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Mineral Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreen vs Chemical Sunscreen People email us to ask all kinds of sunscreen questions, one of the most frequent one we hear is: what’s the difference between mineral sunscreen and chemica...
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Is Zinc Oxide Safe?

Is Zinc Oxide Safe? Zinc oxide has been used in skincare for 1000s of years to treat many forms of skin irritations as well as offers as a skin protection. It’s still used today in sunscreens, diap...
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Is Homosalate Safe?

Is Homosalate Safe? Physical sunscreens typically use 1 or sometimes 2 active ingredients. Chemical sunscreens need to use 3-4 or even more active chemical ingredients to either a) cover the entire...
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What is Broad Spectrum Sunscreen?

Let’s face it, many claims on sunscreen labels these days are confusing and potentially misleading. If you’ve seen "broad spectrum" on sunscreen labels, but wonder what it actually means, you’ve co...
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You got eczema? These 3 sunscreens will soothe your skin!

Got eczema? If you have eczema, you know how hard it is to calm your skin and find a good sunscreen that won’t cause a painful flare-up. In this post, you’ll learn. 3 ingredients to look for in ec...
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New Tattoo Care

New Tattoo Care Getting a new tattoo is exciting, and you might be wondering what you need to help it heal quickly and protect it from fading. In this blog post, you’ll learn: Tattoo facts What to...
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What is PA rating for sunscreen?

What is PA rating for sunscreen? As if sunscreen labels weren’t confusing enough, with SPF numbers, broad-spectrum labels and water-resistance minutes. PA++++ is a new rating showing up on sunscree...
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Scalp Sunscreen: Keep your Head Protected

Scalp Sunscreen Maybe you’ve experienced a full day out in the sun without a hat and came home with a sore, sunburned scalp. Maybe you have thinning hair or are balding and every day your scalp is ...
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