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What are the banned FDA Sunscreen terms?

Banned FDA Sunscreen terms Several terms are still used to describe sunscreens that were outlawed by the FDA in 1999. These terms were banned because they provided consumers a false sense of securi...
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Do I need a high SPF sunscreen?

High SPF sunscreen? Short answer - No Products with SPF 50 and higher don't really protect the skin's surface much better than one with 30 SPF, and they create a false sense of security by masking ...
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Naturally Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Naturally Repair Skin Steam Clean Your Face - For a deep-cleansing and detoxing, start with a citrus steam facial. Apply Topical Antioxidants - After the facial cleanse, apply a natural serum wi...
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Safe Sunscreen Guide

Safe Sunscreen Guide Are you putting safe sunscreen on your skin? Sunscreen is supposed to protect us from the sun, but as more and more people use it, the incidence of skin cancer rises 4% every y...
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What are Free Radicals?

What are Free Radicals? They’re atoms with unpaired (free) electrons. Produced by oxygen metabolizing in the body, they steal electrons from other atoms that make up cell membranes, cellular prote...
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What do Antioxidants do?

What do Antioxidants do? Antioxidants do two things: they decrease free radical production, and they neutralize those already created. An antioxidant works by seeking out free electrons and pairing...
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Should you wear sunscreen in Fall?

Wear Sunscreen Fall Absolutely. Sun safety isn’t a summer-only thing. Over 20% of Americans will develop skin cancer, with much of the skin damage occurring during colder weather. The sun doesn’t c...
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6 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid while Pregnant

Skincare Ingredients to Avoid while Pregnant As a pregnant mom, you’re not only thinking about your skincare but your baby’s health. Did you know chemical sunscreen and skincare ingredients can ent...
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10 Healthy Skin Hacks

Healthy Skin Hacks Moms have a lot to accomplish during a typical day, and skincare sometimes gets pushed way down the priority list. We’d like to share several healthy skin hacks and strategies, a...
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Sun Safety Educational Materials

Sun Safety Educational Materials Waxhead works with community groups throughout the US to teach kids how to be safe in the sun. These Sun Safety worksheets and activity sheets offer support to teac...
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What is Chemical Sunscreen?

What is Chemical Sunscreen? There are two basic types of sunscreens — chemical and physical. Each work differently to block the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens protect skin by absorbing the sun’s r...
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5 Safe Sunscreen Ingredients your Skin will Love

Safe Sunscreen Ingredients Coconut Oil Olive Oil Beeswax Vitamin D Zinc Oxide   Most everyone worries about sunburn, and as more people become concerned about sunscreen ingredients, they’re start...
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