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Benzene Exposure in Sunscreen

You may have seen the recent news about benzene being found in a long list of sunscreens. The independent testing organization Valisure tested hundreds of sunscreen and after-sun products and found over 25% contained the toxic ingredient, leading to a massive recall of affected brands.

The findings were limited almost entirely to petrochemical varieties, and although we use only the highest quality, edible grade ingredients, we nevertheless wanted to confirm that our Waxhead products remain completely free of such contaminants.

To that end, all our ingredient suppliers, each independent and outside the realm of the petrochemical industry where the benzene contamination originated, have verified their ingredients are produced in a manner as to preclude the reasonable possibility of contamination.

Moreover, we remain vigilant (as we’ve always been) in selecting ingredients and suppliers of the highest repute, and in demanding their respective production practices meet our uncompromising standards for safety and purity.

One more thing. Although an important revelation, these results, at least as reported by the media, ignore some ugly truths about the inherent nature of petrochemicals sunscreens, whether contaminated with benzene or not.

First, all petrochemicals, not just benzene, or oxybenzone or octinoxate (the 2 banned in Hawaii), are toxic to humans and marine life, and they represent a significant long-term hazard to both.

Just as importantly is the subtle implication that individual products, and not the companies that produce them, are what should be given attention, rather than recognizing the hard truth that companies producing and selling any petrochemical sunscreens cannot, by their very nature, be trusted to make any product above suspicion.

In other words, the company, and whether it has universally uncompromising standards, is vital. And our commitment remains the same – all Waxhead skincare products use only edible grade mineral active ingredients, formulated with other inactive ingredients that are good for humans. Every single one of them is:

  • Made for Sensitive Skin
  • Truly Reef Safe
  • Safe for Babies and humans of any age
  • Truly Broad Spectrum
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made with Non-nano Mineral and Organic, Plant-Based Ingredients
  • Free of petrochemicals

These things are important to us, and we know they’re important to you.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, about sunscreen in general, or Waxhead or any other product, never hesitate to contact me directly, either via our contact page or my email shannon at

 benzene exposure sunscreen

Benzene Free Sunscreen

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