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The Waxhead Promise

We’re an uncommon skincare company driven by holistic science + sustainability. Committed to the health of our customers and the health of our planet, we pledge to live up to these 6 promises.



Reef + Marine Safe

Our products will always be completely safe for marine systems, reefs and fish. We’re not the only maker of high-quality non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens, but we’re one of the very few with rigorous, formal education in biochemistry, which we will always use to formulate sunscreens that work well and defend the long term health of the user, without harming marine life.

waxhead reef safe sunscreen

Conservation Support

Conservation Support

Passionate about protecting our coasts and oceans, we donate part of our profits to coastal and marine waterway conservation groups — to help them conserve the present and future of these resources for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come.

No Toxins or Petrochemicals

Simple truth – petrochemicals weren’t meant to interact directly with humans or animals. Toxic to humans and marine life, they bioaccumulate in the blood and fat deposits, damage DNA, seap into water supplies, feminize fish, and damage coral. We will never use petrochemicals or any other toxins in our skincare products.

No Toxins or Petrochemicals

Green Practices

Green Practices

To minimize our carbon footprint, we will always strive to combine the best existing methods and the latest modern techniques, evaluating and adjusting our processes in choosing and sourcing ingredients, and producing, packaging and distributing our products. Read more about our Green Practices.

Clean Ingredients

Waxhead ingredients are without equal, from top-grade non-nano zinc oxide to our collection of certified organic, edible-grade inactives. Ingredients matter, and we will only use the best, formulated in a way to protect the long term health of the user and our planet.

clean ingredients

Cruelty Free waxhead

Cruelty Free

All our sunscreen and skincare products are absolutely never tested on animals. All our products are fully certified by the FDA, made in FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. We will only test our products on ourselves.