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Waxhead is 100% Carbon Neutral

Trying to make a better and cleaner impact on our planet is baked into our DNA. We’ve always looked to reduce our company’s carbon footprint, and as a continuation of our commitment to sustainability, we are now carbon neutral.

The simple truth is, there’s too much carbon dioxide in the air, and the amount grows every year, coming primarily from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas.

Sustainable Skincare
Sustainable Skincare

Waxhead is already reducing our environmental impact and direct emissions by employing green practices and offering shirts made from plastic bottles. We also offer plastic-free products, and now have partnered with Shopify, Offset and Pachama to offset all remaining emissions, especially through shipping and mailing our product.

Starting in June 2020, this means we match 100% of the energy we consume through shipping and mailed packages with renewable energy. In short, we pay to offset the shipments of all our delivery emissions. Pachama takes those funds to the protect and restore Amazon rain forests. Did you know forests breathe in and absorb 30% of all annual human CO2 emissions.

No single company or person can fight climate change alone — it will take all of us and requires small steps everyday. There are lots of little changes that can add up to significant positive change - eating less meat, choosing reef-safe sunscreen and choosing to ride bikes instead of drive cars, just to list a few, can help mitigate CO2 levels in our atmosphere. We're excited to do OUR little part to help, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey.