“No sunburn. No skin irritation!”— Harp

Uncommonly gentle, use it daily to nourish and defend sensitive and eczema-prone skin from the sun. It's broad-spectrum, water-resistant and fragrance-free. Use lotion on face and body.

  6 edible-grade ingredients
  Enhanced with natural Vitamins D + E
  Protects, moisturizes and nourishes
  Keeps baby's skin healthy
  Free from: gluten, soy, oat, dairy, corn or nuts
  WINNER Best Baby Sunscreen from The Bump

Baby Safe Sunscreen

Baby Sunscreen

Infant Sunscreen

Shake bottle. Pat, dot, smear and rub on this sunscreen and you're good to go.

True Broad-Spectrum + Blocks 97% of UV rays. Biodegradable formula. 

Tear Free + Hypoallergenic Formula. Won’t sting eyes.

Exceptionally Gentle. Thick lotion shows where skin is protected.

NO Oxybenzone, Octinoxate or Benzene. Zero toxins.


Uncommonly Safe

Matched to both human and marine bio-systems. Safe for people and all marine areas.

Uncommonly Effective

It costs more, but you'll use it all season. Plus you'll know your baby's skin is protected.

Uncommonly Clean

Skin is nourished under the protection of 6 edible-grade ingredients.

Baby Waxhead FAQs

Will this sunscreen make my skin white?

Yes, some. When used properly, zinc oxide gives skin a visible whitish hue. The ability to see the sunscreen on the skin is especially useful to parents as they need to see where baby's skin is protected and where they need to apply.


When will this sunscreen expire?

Technically 3 years from purchase, but the useful life of our sunscreens has no practical limit, since our active ingredient zinc oxide is a mineral and does not lose its sunscreen capabilities over time, EVER. However, the FDA requires all sunscreen products to list a 3-year shelf life (mainly because petrochemical active ingredients in common sunscreens degrade quickly, even on the shelf). Regardless, if you ever feel a Waxhead product has spoiled, just let us know, and we'll send you a free replacement.

How many applications does this product contain?

The answer depends on what areas you're covering (and the age/size of the human being covered). For a typical 2-year-old, if face only, our 4oz sunscreen will deliver roughly 100-150 applications. If the entire body, about 50 applications.


Why does Waxhead cost more than other sunscreens?

Our prices represent a true cost to the world. We source our top-grade ingredients only from reputable, fair-trade, cruelty-free companies that are almost entirely US-based. We don’t purchase ingredients from countries with questionable labor or production practices. Learn more.

"Waxhead is one of the best sunscreens for kids."

Baby Safe Sunscreen


"Waxhead is one of the best Beach & Sport, Kid-Friendly sunscreens.”

Baby Safe Sunscreen


"Waxhead provides full protection and you won’t damage the oceans."

Baby Safe Sunscreen

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
T. Harp
Never been burned

My child is now 15 months old and all I have used is Waxhead from 3 months on. We have never been sunburned from all of our lake days. No skin irritation. And I love knowing all the ingredients are easily read and understood.

A. Smith
Well ranked sunscreen but greasy, not absorbant

I came across this sunscreen after reading the Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Report and wanting to choose safer sunscreens for my kids & family. This sunscreen was among the best rated in terms of safety of ingredients and UVA/UVB protection. Unfortunately it’s super greasy and doesn’t absorb well. There are sunscreen smudges all over the car seats & elsewhere from transfer off bare skin.


For zinc sunscreen, I found this to leave a little less mess behind than others I’ve used. Mind you, it’s still messy. I absolutely love the very limited amount of ingredients in this product and my toddler’s sensitive skin didn’t at all react. We were on the Gulf Coast of the US for a beach trip, and it was windy; no worries about losing a spray sunscreen to the wind! It’s also a little closer to the equator and therefore easier to roast under the sun, but I was so happy that he didn’t. Granted, I reapplied faithfully every 90 minutes, and we had a sunshade. He also wore a hat and rash guard. But everything exposed didn’t burn. This stays on really well in the water. The only issue is if a suit strap or rash guard rubs against it, or you have a spot where a repetitive motion is occurring (like the crook of your arm/top of forearm while building a sand castle), you’ll lose sunblock from this area sooner simply because it’s being rubbed off. The good thing is, because this is zinc, you can see those areas getting exposed and reapply accordingly. The same thing happens with all sunscreen, but I never thought about it quite so much until confronted with a visual. Bottom line is, this is the only thing I will put on my child for extended outdoor play, and I felt very confident in its performance and the ingredients.The one thing that bothers me is that I could discern no difference between the “regular” sunscreen and the “kids” version; I purchased both. As an environmentally conscious company, I think it would make more sense to market them as one “All-family” sunscreen in a bigger bottle; it would have spared the environment the additional plastic tube, plus it’s easier to do a run of one product than change your packaging setup for two (yes, I work in consumer packaged goods). I know it’s sometimes more profitable in the short term to sell “kids” and “adults” products because you get the consumer to buy both, but when you have something that’s this safe and actually works on every member of the family...I’d lean into that. It’s a better story and ultimately, better for the planet. I hope to see them evolve!

Henry J. Schaumburger
Excellent Sun Block

This product works very well as advertised. I applied it before going out on a very sunny day and did not get any sunburn. I did not reapply as directed, but I was still protected. The only problem with this product and the reason for losing one star is that it makes your skin white no matter what you do. This is OK for arms and legs, but I looked like a clown with a white face. It may not matter for babies, but it is a bad look for me.I will continue to use this on my body and look elsewhere for face protection.

K Beale
the best!

This is THE best all natural sunscreen I have tried yet, and we have tried a LOT of them. It goes on smoothly and doesn't feel super sticky. We used it at our week at the beach and no burns! Thanks for making a great sunscreen!


Ingredients used effectively for thousands of years

Waxhead uses modern holistic science and traditional ingredients to restore human’s healthy relationship with the sun.


Uncommonly Safe Ingredients

Waxhead uses only superior quality, minimally processed ingredients. Our sunscreens contain only non-nano, uncoated, French process Zinc Oxide, 100% certified organic edible-grade inactive ingredients, and absolutely NO petrochemicals. Although the FDA recognizes many active and inactive ingredients for use in sunscreen, very few meet Waxhead’s elite standards.

Uncommonly Effective Ingredients

Waxhead sunscreens provide true broad-spectrum coverage. Unlike common sunscreens containing petrochemicals or titanium dioxide, our zinc oxide formulas deliver the most effective protection across the entire UVA/UVB spectrum, defending the skin by absorbing and scattering UV radiation, protecting effectively against both sunburn and deep tissue damage.


Baby Sunscreen Ingredient Details + Source of Origin



Zinc oxide absorbs UV energy via bandgap absorption and reflects and scatters in the visible spectrum, preventing skin penetration and cell damage. The broadest spectrum UVA/UVB reflector that’s FDA-approved for sunscreen use, zinc oxide is also the only FDA-approved active ingredient for use on children under 6 months of age. Zinc oxide holds tight to its electrons when it absorbs UV energy, limiting the creation of free radicals that cause oxidative damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. We use non-nano, uncoated, French process Zinc Oxide as our sole active sunscreen ingredient, and all our sunscreens contain 25% - the most of any brand.

EWG Rating: 2 Origin > USA



Purer water supports purer skin. We use only Eldorado Springs artesian water, which is purer because the confining layers of rock and clay impede the movement of contamination. Eldorado Springs is one of the world’s purest natural sources of water, which is not chemically treated in any way. The location and unique geological environment of the source ensures consistently pure water, which has been consumed by humans for countless generations.

EWG Rating: 1
Origin > Colorado, USA



Our certified organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of the olive and left in its natural unrefined state. Olive oil conditions and moisturizes skin naturally and contributes to skin elasticity. Containing three major antioxidants (vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols), olive oil protects the skin from premature aging, restoring skin smoothness and protecting against UV radiation. Olive oil penetrates deeply into skin, cleansing without clogging pores.

EWG Rating: 1
Origin > Italy, Spain



A top moisturizer, Beeswax protects and repairs rough, dry or chapped skin by locking in moisture. Beeswax has emollient properties, softening and rehydrating skin while aiding in cellular reconstruction. It is also non-comedogenic: it won’t clog pores. Plus it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it effective in the treatment of acne. We use only non-GMO, certified organic beeswax in our skincare products.

EWG Rating: 1
Origin > Argentina, Turkey



Vitamin E is a superb antioxidant known for its skin-healing properties and free radical quenching. It is a fat-soluble nutrient and antioxidant, defends against oxidative stress, improves skin elasticity, and prevents wrinkles, age spots and blemishes. Vitamin E can reduce the appearance of scars or burns by normalizing the color and texture of the skin, all while stimulating healing and growth of new skin cells. We use only Vitamin E oil from certified organic, non-GMO sunflower seeds.

EWG Rating: 1
Origin > USA



Natural vitamin D is actually a hormone the body cannot create it on its own, producing it when sunlight converts cholesterol on the skin into vitamin D3. Topical application allows vitamin D3 to go straight into the skin without metabolizing in the body. Studies show that skin wounds need vitamin D3 to protect against infection and begin normal repair processes. It’s also an effective treatment for psoriasis, acne and eczema, while boosting skin elasticity and stimulating collagen production. We use only natural vitamin D3 (never synthetic).

EWG Rating: 5
Origin > USA



How to apply Waxhead Baby Sunscreen

Thick and tough, our sunscreen takes a bit of effort to apply, but a little goes a long way, you can see exactly where you’re applying it, and once on, it delivers the safest, most effective, most eco-friendly sun defense available anywhere.


Step 1: Knead tube to mix

Our sunscreens lack chemicals to keep ingredients homogenized, so a bit of water may squirt from tube varieties before the thicker cream appears. This is totally OK, and there’s nothing wrong with your sunscreen. Just close the lid and knead the tube, which should reduce (but not totally prevent) any water separation.


Step 2: Dot sunscreen onto skin in sections

Put sunscreen onto fingertips and apply it in small dots on sections of the body.


Step 3: Spread out over one area at a time

Once a section is dotted, continue to spread and thin out into an almost invisible layer across your skin.


Step 4: Rub in to reduce whiteness

After you’ve spread out the sunscreen, you can further rub in the cream to a thinner coverage and basically eliminating the white color on your skin. Our sunscreen will not fully absorb into the skin like chemical sunscreens.



how to apply baby sunscreen waxhead 




Waxhead Sunscreen FAQs


Are Waxhead sunscreens safe for the environment, reefs, and fish?

Absolutely. Our products are biodegradable and contain none of the petrochemicals known to have feminizing effects on fish, coral toxicity, or bio-accumulation issues. Most brands that claim to be reef safe are absolutely NOT safe for reefs or any marine life since they contain several petrochemicals, just not the few currently banned.


Are Waxhead sunscreens water-resistant?

Waxhead sunscreens are all water-resistant. Our sport stick and field tin formulations are rated via FDA protocols for up to 80 minutes, the highest legally allowed, and our other sunscreens are designed to be as water-resistant. We will not market such ratings until we have official testing results.


Does Waxhead zinc oxide contain nanoparticles?

No, we do not use nano or micronized zinc oxide. We only use non-nano zinc oxide, and the particles will not enter your bloodstream or interfere with fragile marine environments (because the particles are too big).


Are Waxhead sunscreens safe for children?

Yes, all our sunscreens are safe for children and babies. Zinc oxide is the ONLY active ingredient FDA approved as safe for use on babies younger than 6 months.


Are Waxhead products cruelty-free?

Yes, Waxhead uses absolutely NO animal testing. We test our sunscreens on humans using federally mandated FDA sunscreen testing protocol in order to accurately calculate our products’ SPFs for labeling.


Do Waxhead sunscreens expire?

The useful life of our sunscreens has no practical limit, since our active ingredient zinc oxide is a mineral and does not lose its sunscreen capabilities over time, but the FDA requires sunscreen products to list a 3-year shelf life, mainly because petrochemical active ingredients degrade over time. Our inactive ingredients are relatively resistant to oxidation, and zinc oxide acts as both an antimicrobial and anti-fungal preservative. However, if you ever feel a Waxhead product has spoiled, just let us know, and we'll send you a replacement.


How does Waxhead Zinc Oxide provide UV protection?

Zinc oxide is simply THE best active sunscreen ingredient, and by a wide margin. Covering the entire UVA/UVB spectrum by itself, it has the most consistently effective absorption capabilities, which never degrade. In contrast, petrochemical sunscreens need multiple active ingredients for complete coverage, which degrades quickly on the shelf, and even titanium dioxide needs significant help (from zinc oxide) to cover a large portion of the UVA spectrum range.


Will Waxhead sunscreens make skin appear white?

Zinc oxide can give skin a whitish hue depending upon the amount applied and the natural skin tone of the user. We offer tinted versions that use either certified organic cocoa or iron oxides to provide a more skin-colored hue.


How is Waxhead different from other sunscreens?

Most sunscreens (even ones labeled “all-natural” or "healthy") contain unsafe ingredients, including petrochemicals, along with other questionable or even toxic ingredients. Waxhead sunscreens use only non-nano zinc oxide along with other certified organic and completely safe inactive ingredients. Each of Waxhead's products are top-rated by EWG.


Why do Waxhead sunscreens cost more?

Our prices represent a true cost to the world. We source our top-grade ingredients only from reputable, fair-trade, cruelty-free companies that are almost entirely US-based. We don’t purchase ingredients from countries with questionable labor or production practices. Learn more here.


Are Waxhead sunscreens tear-free?

All our sunscreens and skincare products are tear-free. We use only non-nano uncoated zinc oxide along with other edible grade, certified organic inactive ingredients.


Are Waxhead sunscreens greasy?

They are significantly thicker and less greasy than common petrochemical sunscreens. About 10-15% of our customers consider our sunscreens “greasy” – compared to 60-80% of common sunscreen customers.


Are Waxhead products vegan?

Because we use certified organic beeswax, our sunscreens are not technically vegan. However, they are certified organic and cruelty-free.


Are Waxhead sunscreens ok for the lips?

Yes. All our sunscreens use only top-grade non-nano zinc oxide and certified organic, edible grade inactive ingredients. For our vanilla sport stick, this includes vanilla extract, beeswax, and coconut oil. Just like our lip balms, our sunscreens are thick and tough and take a bit of time to spread and rub in on the lips, but once on, it would deliver the safest, toughest, most eco-friendly lip protection you'll find anywhere.


Are Waxhead containers made of plastic?

Yes, our sport sticks and tubes currently use #4 recyclable plastic. We are working to source a more eco-friendly container, and in our search have found that both compostable and biodegradable plastics may actually have a higher carbon footprint than high-grade conventional plastics. Once we find a definitively improved material, we will make the shift to the new material. Also note that our 0.5 oz field tins, in both vanilla and cocoa tinted, contain the same formulations as our sport sticks, but contained in a reusable, pocket-friendly tin.


Are your sunscreens moisturizing?

Yes, our tube sunscreens contain certified organic extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and vegetable vitamin E. Our sticks and tins contain certified organic coconut oil and beeswax.


Will beeswax in the product clog pores?

Beeswax is actually fairly non-clogging, a 2 of 5 (with 5 being BAD for clogging) on the comedogenic rating system. Beeswax is very good at helping skin retain moisture and allows our sunscreens to stay effective longer once applied. The most clogging ingredient in our sunscreens is coconut oil, which is a bit more clogging than jojoba oil and olive oil, but we include it for its antioxidant and other properties that support healthy skin, especially in the sun.





Why Choose Waxhead?

Because we are thoughtfully committed to health, sustainable practices, and the environment. Choose Waxhead for your skin, your health, and your planet. The sunscreen you use matters and Waxhead is the best choice you can make for healthy living in the sun.


Because Biochemistry Matters

Waxhead products are designed using top-level biochemistry knowledge.

We use a complete holistic appreciation for how our formulations react with skin in the sun and how they affect our environment.

Because We Take Care of our Customers

We pretty much cherish our customers. When they have questions about skincare, we give our full unbiased info and opinions.

In the rare instances when they have problems, we do all we can to make them happy.


We blend modern science and old school sense to design eco-friendly tools
for humans to play outside.


Ingredients Matter

Regardless of marketing messages, it’s the actual ingredients that matter. We use only superior quality ingredients.

Our products are FDA-approved and contain certified organic, edible-grade inactive ingredients. See the roster of all our ingredients.


Waxhead is TRULY Reef Safe

Instead of just eliminating oxybenzone or octinoxate, Waxhead sunscreens don’t contain ANY petrochemicals. Instead we use non-nano zinc oxide as our sole active ingredient.

This means all our products are truly reef safe, completely safe for marine systems, lakes, reefs and fish (and humans).


Waxhead products nourish skin.

Our products don’t just avoid harming skin. They actively nourish it, with certified organic ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, natural vitamin E and vitamin D, shea butter, and beeswax. After a day of wearing Waxhead in the sun, your skin actually feels good.

Buy Waxhead, protect our coasts.

Besides making human-friendly, eco-friendly products, we give a portion of our profits and our time to support well-run coastal and oceanic conservation and cleanup organizations. We consider this vital to help preserve fun sunny days for generations to come.

Read more about Why Waxhead here.


The Waxhead Promise







I’ve used Waxhead on my baby since he was 3 months old. We’ve never been sunburned on all our lake days. No skin irritation! And I love knowing all the ingredients.

- Harp

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