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What helps sunburn?

Ok, so you didn’t use Waxhead Sunscreen, you stayed out way too long, or you forgot to use sunscreen at all. You got red and now you’re wondering what helps sunburn? Skin cells exposed to UV light ...
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First Time Camping Tips

I’m not a natural camper. I do love the outdoors with my family, but I don’t take naturally to sleeping outside, and while I appreciate a good campfire, I’m not a big fan of smelling like smoke. My...
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Good Camping Food

I love the outdoors, especially when I’m with my family, but I don’t take naturally to sleeping outside, and while I appreciate a good campfire, I’m not big fan of actually smelling smoke for 3 day...
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Outdoor Activities (to unplug for a while)

There’s something soothing and centering about being outside. A stressful day gets better if you have some outdoor activities, especially with family and friends. One of the main reasons we love ta...
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Tent Camping Tips

Camping in a tent is a simple pleasure. Living outdoors for a day or two settles your soul, and problems seem smaller when you’re breathing fresh air and basking in sunshine. The first rule of tent...
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Camping Checklists: Things to Bring Camping

Our boys love camping! I like being outside with my family and … I like good camping checklists (so I don’t forget the things we need to make easy outdoor memories). Our below camping checklists co...
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Surprising Benefits of Sunlight

Stepping out from the shadows of a sterile office building, into the warm afternoon light, rays of sunshine chase away the stiffness of sitting inside all day. Your body immediately begins to produ...
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Islamorada: Waxhead Adventure

In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors came upon a thin stretch of land within a longer belt trailing off the Southern end of what became Florida. There they witnessed some of the most intense ...
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Outdoor Adventure Apps

While Waxhead sunscreens can help you thrive in the sun without worrying about sunburn and toxic chemicals, helpful outdoor adventure apps can help your family focus on making uncommon memories i...
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California State Parks

California State Parks offer abundant opportunities for families to disconnect from technology and adventure outside, recharging their own batteries as they connect to a world rich with possibiliti...
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15 Benefits Of Going Outdoors

Like most Americans, our family loves technology. We use our phones and computers to manage our social media accounts, email vendors and partners, track sales, text with friends, take pictures, and...
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