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Ingredient Spotlight: Coconut Oil

5 Ways to use Coconut Oil for Skin and Face

    1. Moisturizer
    2. Sunburn Relief
    3. Sunscreen
    4. Makeup Remover
    5. Shave Cream

      Coconut oil has been a skin softener for 1000s of years. It is made from the extracted meat of the seed from the coconut tree, cocos nucifera. Coconut oil is full of fatty acids, like linoleic acid and lauric acid. It has antibacterial properties as well and doubles as an moisturizer to soften the skin.

      Virgin or extra virgin coconut oil is made from fresh flesh, and refined coconut oil generally uses dried coconut flesh. Organic coconut oil is grown without synthetic pesticides or other toxins. Expeller-pressed oil is pressed using heat. Cold-pressed uses none, which allows it to hold onto more of its nutrient density.

      Refined coconut oil involves pressing the copra, then heating it in order to remove the odor. It’s then processed and filtered to remove any additional bacteria or debris, sometimes using chemicals.


      Skincare Ingredient: Coconut Oil

      The best type of coconut oil for skin skin is organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil — it is the least processed and so it retains the most nutrients. The label should read: organic, virgin, cold-pressed oil. If you don’t want to use pure coconut oil, you can also look for it as an ingredient in other products like face washes and moisturizers. Fleur & Bee’s cleanser, for example, uses organic coconut oil as a key component.

      EWG Rating: 1

      Here are 5 types of products that use coconut oil for skin and face benefits. Remember, coconut oil is solid at room temperature and turns to liquid at warmer temperatures. Just rub a little between your hands to warm it up before you use it.


      1. Moisturizer

      Because of its high content of saturated fatty acids, coconut oil for face is an excellent moisturizer. The oil provides hydration to keep skin cells healthy and nourished by locking in water. You might notice a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles as well. The antioxidants in coconut oil can also help repair damaged skin cells. Lauric and caprylic acids found in coconut oil helps evening out skin tones and soothe skin with antibacterial properties.


      Coconut oil can clog pores (its fairly comedogenic), especially in people who tend to have oily skin. Although some people use coconut oil as an acne treatment, others swears it breaks them out. Everyone’s skin is different.


      2. Sunburn Relief

      Coconut oil can provided hydration and protection to irritated and sunburned skin. As mentioned, coconut oil for skin is high in a lauric and caprylic acid and these acids can help reduce redness and inflammation. The nourishing fats will also keep your burned skin smooth and hydrated. You’ll feel less burn and discomfort as you gently run into skin, but some doctors suggest waiting a day before applying straight coconut oil to a sunburn. The antioxidants will help prevent long-term sun damage to your skin cells.


      3. Sunscreen

      We do not recommend using only coconut oil as a sunscreen. If used without any other ingredients, coconut oil has about an SPF of 4 (meaning it stops about 20% of the UV rays). It should never be used as a replacement for sunscreen. You should however, choose sunscreen with coconut oil labeled as an inactive ingredient. With antioxidant and plant compound components, coconut oil for face can help shield against environmental toxins as well as UV rays.


       waxhead safe sunscreen



      4. Makeup Remover

      Because oil dissolves oil, coconut oil is great at removing makeup, especially around the eyes. You can warm a little coconut oil in your hand and then use a cotton ball to apply the oil to your face and eye area. You should let the oil absorb into your skin and the wipe with a warm, slightly damp washcloth.


      5. Shave Cream

      Coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids, which help to reduce dryness and allow your skin to retain moisture. It works well as a shave cream for either your face or legs. Rub the oil into skin and allow it to be absorbed in and soften the skin and hair. As you shave, rinse the razor often to keep the coconut oil from building up. As you finish, rinse your skin with warm water.


      Waxhead Products Containing Coconut Oil

      Our certified organic extra virgin coconut oil is fairly traded and less processed than refined coconut oil. Here are our skincare products utilizing coconut oil:

      • Sunscreen Sport Stick
      • Tinted Sunscreen Sport Stick
      • Sunscreen Field Tins
      • Tinted Sunscreen Field Tins





      1. Know your ingredients — Flip over your skincare product and read the ingredients. We want everyone to know what good ingredients are, regardless of whether they use our products or not. Your health is worth it.

      2. Buy clean skincare — Waxhead is dedicated to using only the healthiest, safest, most effective ingredients in our skincare products. Shop Clean Skincare here.

      3. Teach a friend — If you know someone who might still be buying skincare with shady ingredients, please share this post with him/her.




      5 Ways to use Coconut Oil for Skin and Face

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