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Our sunscreen is made with 25% non-nano zinc oxide and other edible-grade ingredients -- and all are 100% reef safe and baby safe. They don’t run down your face, sting your eyes or stink up or deteriorate up your gear. Plus, all are exceptionally gentle on sensitive skin.

Each sunscreen contains only 4-9 ingredients and nothing you can’t pronounce. Our ingredients are insanely clean and effective. No toxins or petrochemicals.

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Our sunscreens are SPF 30-35 and offer complete broad spectrum protection. Our Sunscreen Paste in a Tin is exceptionally water resistant and stays on thru heavy physical activity.

We also sell skincare, apparel and sunglasses. Everything we make is intended to be a useful sun defense tool to protects people and planet.



In our increasingly complex and risk averse world, we hold to a simple belief. Humans were made to play in the sun. And we created Waxhead for those like us, who appreciate the simple pleasures of getting outside.

We make our products to restore our beneficial relationship with the sun. And we do what we can to help preserve those outside places we all love, so there will be fun sunny days for generations to come.

Waxhead is passionate about sustaining our coasts and oceans, so we donate a portion of our profits and our time to the Coastal Conservation Association.

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We’re looking for friendly, active, honest people talking to the camera about our sunscreens.

We prefer real people in front of an iPhone, instead of fancy, high production-value footage. We understand our sunscreen is thicker than big commercial versions and want to show how to apply ours and talk about the benefits of using a safe, clean sunscreen like Waxhead.

Please show label and actual sunscreen on skin/face. Video showing how products works on fingertips and face/skin is great.