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Waxhead Ethos

In our increasingly complex and risk averse world, we hold to a simple belief. Humans were made to play in the sun. And we created Waxhead for those like us, who appreciate the simple pleasures of getting outside.

We make our products to restore our beneficial relationship with the sun. And we do what we can to help preserve those outside places we all love, so there will be fun sunny days for generations to come.


Buy Waxhead. Defend our coasts.

Waxhead is passionate about sustaining our coasts and oceans, so we donate a portion of our profits and our time to the Coastal Conservation Association. Its purpose is to conserve, promote, and enhance present and future availability of coastal and marine resources for ongoing benefit and enjoyment. They build artificial reefs, create finish hatcheries, and defend net bans, acting on a long term respect for what our waters mean for generations to come. You can become of member of the Florida CCA here.


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