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Waxhead Rewards

Now you can earn Waxhead Points and trade them in for Waxhead Cash. It’s free and easy to earn points and redeem for store credit!


waxhead rewards login


waxhad earn points


redeem waxhead points


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Earning points is easy - you'll receive 100 points just by signing up!
You can also earn points when you:

100 Points

Create an Account

50 Points

Follow on Instagram

50 Points

Follow on Facebook

50 Points

Share on Facebook

3 Points

For every $1 spent



They are your points - cash them in for Waxhead Cash!
You can redeem your points for:

$5 Coupon

250 points

$10 Coupon

500 points

$25 Coupon

1000 points

$60 Coupon

2000 points

$100 Coupon

3000 points



Share Waxhead with your friends and you'll get rewarded once your friend makes his/her first order.

$5 Coupon

Share your unique referral code and you'll get $5 when he/she makes a purchase.

$5 Coupon

You'll send your friends a $5 off coupon for their first purchase. It's a win-win!




If you have Waxhead Rewards questions, please reach out to us at

What is Waxhead Rewards?

Waxhead Rewards is a loyalty program where you can earn points toward product discounts and special offers.

Is Waxhead Rewards available internationally?

No, the rewards program is currently available for US customers only.

How do I check my point balance?

Log into your rewards account, then click on the launcher button (in the lower right of your page) to open the rewards panel.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Log into your rewards account, then click on the launcher button (in the lower right of your page) to open the rewards panel. Next, click on All rewards. If you have enough points, click the Redeem button. To redeem points on variable rewards, use the points slider to select the number of points you would like to spend, then click Redeem.

Do points ever expire?

Yes. Points expire in one rolling year from the date of a first qualifying purchase.

I redeemed a reward but decided not to use it. Am I able to still use it and how do I access it?

Once you have redeemed your points for a reward it will remain available in your rewards account until your next purchase.

Can I use my rewards points at any time?

Waxhead Rewards cannot be used in combination with other promotional or coupon codes.

What happens to my points if I make a return?

Unfortunately, our system doesn't allow us to reinstate redeemed points. However, just as with any Waxhead purchase, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, along with a lifetime replacement guarantee. In short, if the product you buy doesn't meet your needs, we'll not only give you back the money you spent, we'll also do our best to send you a product that does meet your needs, with our compliments.

What happens if I forget to log in to my account when checking out?

You must be logged into your account to earn points.

Can I earn points on past purchases?

No, points cannot be added to your account retroactively. You can earn points on all future purchases when logged into your account.

Other Details

No other coupon code valid when redeeming reward points. Points are only awarded to registered accounts. No purchase necessary to register.