How to apply Waxhead Sunscreen

Waxhead Sunscreens are quite different than the common sunscreens we grew up with. Our sunscreens are much healthier and more effective at keeping sunburn and skin cancer at bay, but they call for a different approach to skincare in the sun. A little goes a long way, they don’t need application 20 minutes before sun exposure, and they don’t degrade in the sunshine like chemical sunscreens.

Our sunscreens don’t squeeze and spread as easily as those using synthetic chemicals as active or inactive ingredients, because we don’t have those nasty chemicals to keep them emulsified in the tube and thinner to spread. But once applied, they work better by a wide margin. Here's how to apply Waxhead sunscreens:

Step 1. Knead tube to mix.

Our sunscreens lack chemicals to keep ingredients homogenized, so a bit of water may squirt from tube varieties before the thicker lotion appears. This is totally OK, and there’s nothing wrong with your sunscreen. Just close the lid and knead the tube, which should reduce (but not totally prevent) any water separation. Of course if you’re using a sunscreen stick, you can skip this step.




Step 2. Dot onto skin in sections.

Waxhead Sunscreen goes on differently than the common brands. When using one of our tube varieties, first squirt some onto finger tips and apply it in small dots on sections of face or body.


Step 3. Spread over one area at a time.

Once a section is dotted, continue to spread and thin out into an almost invisible layer across your skin. And if you’re using one of our sunscreen sticks, use the applicator to dot onto the skin, then spread and rub similarly.



Step 4. Rub in to eliminate whiteness.

After you’ve spread out the sunscreen, you can further rub in the lotion to a thinner coverage and basically eliminating the white color on your skin. It takes a few more seconds, but you can achieve complete coverage without any white residue. Waxhead Sunscreen will not fully absorb into skin like chemical sunscreens, even though after rubbing it can appear almost transparent.


Step 5. Walk proud and feel good.

Waxhead sunscreens are better for you, your kids and your planet. They keep you from sunburning, protect from skin cancer (much) better than chemical versions, they don’t bombard you with nasty toxins that cause hormonal changes, and they won’t hurt reefs and other water habitats. Like paleo dieting and intermediate fasting, Waxhead Sunscreens are a best practice from our past to live a better life in our present. That white sunscreen on your face is a nod to ancestral wisdom and a badge of smart living. Wear it proudly.

PRO TIP For little kids, leave a bit showing. Truth is you may want a little to show so you’ll know where it is and more importantly, the places you’ve missed. When they wipe it off with a towel, you’ll clearly know where reapplication is needed.



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