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Florida mom, Kari Kenner wanted her boys to be safe in the sun, so she started looking more closely at commercial sunscreens.

Almost every big brand sunscreens relied on toxic ingredients – hazardous to both humans and marine life, and a big factor in our skin cancer epidemic.

She found pictures of her great grandfather fishing in the 1940s, when everyone wore long sleeves and hats in the sun – back when skin cancer was rare.

As she and her husband Shannon talked, they realized humans were built for the sun, but that we’d somehow strayed from the ways ancient people lived and worked outdoors for thousands of years.

They decided to start Waxhead to get modern people outdoors again, using those traditional ways as inspiration for four modern strategies to live in the sun.

kenner family

1. Skin-nourishing Sunscreen

With the help of a top holistic biochemist, Waxhead created a line of mineral based certified organic sunscreens that are quite simply the safest, most effective sunscreens you’ll find anywhere – safe for humans, safe for marine life, and safe for the planet.


2. Skin-nourishing Food

After over a year researching how high levels of specific antioxidants reduced sun damage, Waxhead developed sun defense energy bars, which work by removing free radicals caused by UV exposure. After a successful test launch, they evolved them into bite size snacks, with production to begin TBD.


3. Eco-friendly Clothing + Sunglasses

Sun shirts and face shields protect skin in the sun, especially on long days boating, hiking and surfing. Waxhead partners with companies to make eco-friendly sun defense clothing and sunglasses made from recycled plastic bottles, upcycled cotton and fair-traded materials.


4. Sheltering Shade

The simplest way to reduce sun damage is to get out of the sunshine, especially in the middle of the day. Waxhead is exploring new sustainable tent products, so we can create our own shade whenever and wherever we need it.

Every Waxhead product is carefully and intelligently designed to deliver superior performance with as little harm to the planet as possible, then sustainably crafted in small batches in the USA. Whether or not you use their products, Waxhead wants to inspire you and those you love to spend more healthy time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. After all, we’re all better when we’re outside.

Humans were built to play in the sun. Join us.

Your friends,
The Kenner Family