Safest Sunscreens 2021

Safest Sunscreens 2021

Safe. Safer. Safest Sunscreens.

Matched to both human and marine bio-systems to deliver the world’s safest, most comprehensive, most natural defense against the sun’s UV rays. It costs more, but you'll use it all season and confidently know you and your family are safe.

EWG Verified Sunscreen

All Waxhead Sunscreens are ranked #1 by Environmental Working Group.


Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

All our sunscreens use non-nano zinc oxide as their sole active ingredient.

Toxins? Nope!

These contain NO oxybenzone, octinoxate, benzene or any other junk.


Safest Sunscreen Ingredients

We use only superior quality ingredients. Our products are FDA-approved and contain certified organic, edible-grade active and inactive ingredients. See the roster of all our ingredients.


Ingredients Matter

Read your sunscreen labels because the ingredients matter. Marketing messages aren’t always true or clear. Make sure you know the ingredients you're putting on your skin.

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Sunscreen Paste Tin

“Isn’t watered down with other ingredients!” - mountainmama These travel-friendly 2oz tins are the thickest and toughest sunscreen you'll find. Stays on to defend and nourish skin through saltwater, pool...

Tinted Sunscreen Paste Tin

“Stays on during my ultra-sweaty runs!”— Jen Our 2oz, pocket-size field tins contain the thickest and toughest sunscreen you'll find. Stays on to defend and nourish skin through saltwater and...

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen - Vitamin Enriched

“The best sunscreen I have ever used!!”— Martha Hard-working skin-nourishing zinc oxide protection for sensitive skin. Enhanced with natural Vitamins D + E and made with 25% non-nano zinc oxide...

Tinted Sport Sunscreen Stick

“Miracle product for my face!” - Laurie Stays on to defend and nourish skin through saltwater, sweat and surf. The thickest and toughest sunscreen you'll find. Tinted with Cocoa Powder....

Baby Sunscreen

“No sunburn. No skin irritation!”— Harp Uncommonly gentle, use it daily to nourish and defend sensitive and eczema-prone skin from the sun. It's broad-spectrum, water-resistant and fragrance-free. Use lotion on...

TintedPlus Sunscreen for Face

“Feels light on my face and it's easy to apply. I look as if I have a natural tan.”— Bobbi H For slightly darker skin tones, our non-toxic Tinted+ lotion...

Safe Sunscreen Sampler Pack

“Nice way to explore Waxhead options.”— Kevin K This uncommonly effective skin-nourishing sunscreen kit contains our best sellers. Hardworking, non-greasy, moisturizing formulas won’t sting or run, giving true UVA UVB...

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